Literary Takes


Min. 1 (110 wpm): Xavier, excitement, geology, Explorer, exceptional, navigational, experiences, botanical, expedition

Min. 2 (130 wpm): exclaimed, species, exponentially, examination, exquisite, venture, exquisite, changing

Min. 3 (150 wpm): speculating, exemplary, exceeded, preparedness, stalactites, stalagmites, exceptional, geological

Min. 4 (170 wpm): unpredictable, treacherous, expertise, exceeded, experts, discoveries, expressive, explored, excited

Min. 5 (190 wpm): exposed, peculiar, exceptional, exemplifying, mesmerizing, exquisite, extrapolated, observations, expensive, exuding

Explorer's Expedition

Harmonious Heart


Min. 1 (110 wpm): admiration, sovereignty, temperature, trampling, kangaroos, kaleidoscope, peculiar, panoramic

Min. 2 (130 wpm): prudently, whispering, whimsical, resonant, rhythmic, radiating, leisurely, languid

Min. 3 (150 wpm): soothing, symphony, tranquility, transcended, turtles, tranquil, plumage, peregrine falcon

Min. 4 (170 wpm): penetrating, personifying, hermit, hustled, resilient, rustled, reverberating, solemnity, silhouetted

Min. 5 (190 wpm): meandered, twittering, eucalyptus, porcupines, plodded, procession, portrait, harmonious, undergrowth

Nature's Serenade

States - EASTERN I


Min. 1 (110 wpm): Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Appalachian, picturesque

Min. 2 (130 wpm): Alabama, Connecticut, District of Columbia, monumental, democracy

Min. 3 (150 wpm): District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, hospitality, Everglades, agricultural, metropolis

Min. 4 (170 wpm): Indiana, Florida, Illinois, iconic, tranquility, basketball, transformation, skyscrapers

Min. 5 (190 wpm): Maryland, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Maine, Atlantic, Chesapeake Bay, sophistication, enlightenment, bluegrass



Min. 1 (110 wpm): Massachusetts, Kentucky, Maine, honoring, intricate, innovation

Min. 2 (130 wpm): Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, magnolia, White Mountains

Min. 3 (150 wpm): Michigan, New Jersey, New Hampshire, peninsulas, industrial, tableau, inhabitant

Min. 4 (170 wpm): New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, majesty, Blue Ridge Mountains, borne, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

Min. 5 (190 wpm): Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Pocono Mountains, New England, palmetto trees, rock 'n' roll


Min. 1 (110 wpm): Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, illuminating, fjords, Ozark Mountains

Min. 2 (130 wpm): Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Grand Canyon, Colorado River, ecosystem, bluegrass, indigenous, monsoon

Min. 3 (150 wpm): California, Colorado, Hawaii, Pacific Ocean, majestically, adventurers, archipelago, volcanoes

Min. 4 (170 wpm): California, Colorado, Hawaii, Kona coffee, Hollywood, ukulele, mountaineers, grandeur, celestial

Min. 5 (190 wpm): Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, relentless, artistry, Iowa, silos, artistry, Midwest, autumnal, luminous, agriculture

States - WESTERN I


Min. 1 (110 wpm): Iowa, Kansas, Idaho, Native American, Cowboys, tapestry, adventurers, tirelessly, bountiful

Min. 2 (130 wpm): Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Kaleidoscope, cultures, waterways, aspirations

Min. 3 (150 wpm): Missouri, Louisiana, Minnesota, iconic, St. Louis, tantalizes, culinary, reminiscent

Min. 4 (170 wpm): Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, agricultural, undulating, Las Vegas, petroglyphs

Min. 5 (190 wpm): Nebraska, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, rhythms, Hispanic, horizon, Badlands



Min. 1 (110 wpm): North Dakota, Oklahoma, New Mexico, bison, agricultural, illuminated, mesmerizing

Min. 2 (130 wpm): Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Dust Bowl, poignant, masterpieces, vastness, togetherness,

Min. 3 (150 wpm): Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Mount Rushmore, Lakota Sioux, Dallas, Houston, Portland, Black Hills, trailblazers

Min. 4 (170 wpm): South Dakota, Texas, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Tex-Mex, illuminate, symphony, canopies

Min. 5 (190 wpm): Washington, Wyoming, Utah, Cowboy State, Teton Range, Mormon, juxtapose, grasslands, pioneers, geological, innovation


Swindler's Tale